1977 Anniversaries 50th Anniversary of AVO - Access

In the 1920's concern about the rising number of disabled unemployed urban poor led to the founding of the AVO (Dutch organization for labour care for the disabled) in 1927. The AVO presented the problem of the vulnerability of the physically and mentally disabled in the labour market as a matter of collective responsibility. At the Amsterdam AVO congress of 1928 expert contributors discussed the economic, social and medical aspects of disability and work. Simultaneously, a museum exhibition aimed at arousing the interest of the general public and at promoting a more understanding attitude towards the disabled. Though the twofold AVO manifestation raised an immediate favourable general response and the subject was put on the political agenda, the subsequent economic recession and war forestalled concrete measures. Essentially it was the first public debate on disability in the Netherlands.
(http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12683366 )

 No.: sg1279
Country Netherlands
Date 1977
Disability Wheelchair
Meta stamp, digital disability, outside centre, Netherlands, 1977, Anniversaries, AVO, Wheelchair, Access
Number sg1279
Theme Access


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