Stamps of Disability

Philately theme, images of disability on postage stamps.
This website draws together a number of postage stamp collections, making it one of the largest. 
To view  stamps by country select from the A-Z list above. 
To search impairment or a keyword, simply use the search box facility at the top of the page. 
The stamps on this website are still being categorised and organised, it's a work in progress.  
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 No.: This number refers to the Stanley Gibbons catalogue of World Stamps
Meta Amputee, Asthma, Autism, Arthritis, Blind, sight impairment, White Cane, Dark Glasses, Braille, Eye Patch, Callipers, Cerebral palsy, Club foot, Cognitive impairments, Cojoined Twin, cripple, Crutches, Deaf, Sign language, Hearing Aids, Diabetes, Disfigurement, Downs Syndrome, Dwarves, Elderly, Epilepsy, Freaks, Growth Impairment, Learning difficulty, Leprosy,Limp,Hunchback, Mental Health, Mute,Polio,Rheumatism,Spina Bifida, Stick, Walking Frame, Wheelchair, philately, stamps, digital disability, theme, imagery of disability on postage stamps, Cinema, Disney, Dogs, Douglas Bader, Beethoven, Sarah Bernhardt, Louis Braille, George Gordon Byron, Luís Vaz de Camões, Miguel de Cervantes, Ray Charles, Ty Cobb, François Coli, Nils Gustaf Dalén, Sammy Davis Jnr, Diana Princess of Wales, Terry Fox, Lou Gehrig, Stephen Hawkin, Captain Hook, Helen Keller, Frida Kahlo, King of Bohemia Kold, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Gregor Johann Mendel, Nelson, Quixote, Reinhardt, King Richard III, Rigoletto, Franklin Roosevelt, Jonas Salk, Schweitzer, Long John Silver, Bedrich Smetana, Vincent Van Gogh, Verdi, Jules Verne, Hanks Williams, Stevie Wonder, philately, themed stamps, images of disability, postage stamps, Oscar Pistorius
Number This number refers to the Stanley Gibbons catalogue of World Stamps


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